The Internet Can’t Stop Joking About Nier Automata’s Secret Door

A2 stares into the distance in Nier: Automata.

Screenshot: Square Enix

Well, that was quick. Nier: Automata‘s secret door—the exact same one which fractured the sport’s fandom into factions—went from an amusing little secret to a viral meme in three days flat.

The Door, in case you have not adopted essentially the most baffling gaming story of the yrrefers to a hidden location in Nier: Automata, an action-RPG first launched in 2017. One participant, recognized solely by their Reddit deal with, Sadfutago, stumbled upon a door, behind which is a totally rendered church. It sounds innocuous sufficient, however here is the place it will get bizarre: They’re the one recognized participant who’s seen this space. And nobody, seemingly together with Sadfutago, is aware of the right way to enter the room.

The complete saga is wild, and nonetheless unfolding (here is a radical rundown). Some assume it is lower content material or another sort of reputable sport asset. Others consider it is pretend: a hoax, a complicated mod, or an ill-advised try at viral advertising and marketing. The thriller has followers gathering in varied Nier-themed subreddits and Discord servers to try to collectively crack the code.

The remainder of the web, in the meantime, is doing what it does finest: Meme the heck out of it. This montage sums up the group response fairly nicely:

What if, as an example, Super Mario 64 additionally had its personal model of The Door?

Folks are additionally drawing comparisons to media outdoors the world of video games. To wit: Actor-comedian Nathan Fielder is again within the public area as a result of his new HBO present, The Rehearsal, wherein he constructs elaborate units for the needs of trickery. The Nier group has drawn an apparent corollary:

Others have likened it to scenes from Amazon’s The Boysan eminently memeable present:

For some gamers, the saga has rekindled a dormant love for Nier: Automata—the most effective video games of all time, sure, but in addition a dense action-RPG that may devour hours and hours of your life:

Obligatory Hozier references abound:

Followed by necessary Doctor Who references:

There’s additionally no scarcity of eye-wateringly beautiful fan artwork, like this piece from a digital artist MalphieR:

Despite all the excitement, Nier: Automata followers are not any nearer to determining what the hell The Door’s deal is. Just final night time, Sadfutago posted a brand new video. In it, they battle a boss composed of pixelated blocks…and get summarily obliterated. It has despatched the Nier subreddits and Discord servers right into a tizzy, as people attempt to determine who the enemy is, the place it is from, or what it might imply.

“I…cannot fathom how this may presumably be actual or how this may presumably be pretend,” one individual wrote on Reddit in response. “What.”


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