Cyberpunk 2077 Leak Finally Offers Clues About Long-Awaited DLC

Image: CD Project Red Players have been hungry for details about Cyberpunk 2077‘s first DLC since the game came out, yet nearly 18 months later, the only official news has been about additional delays. But now the dam of secrecy around the upcoming story expansion finally appears to have broken. A dataminer reportedly leaked hundreds … Read more

Every Bioshock Game Currently Free On PC Via Epic Games Store

Image: 2K Games I’m not going to do a “Would you kindly” joke. I’m not going to do it. I’m better than that. Besides, you don’t need to be brainwashed to know how good a deal it is to get all three Bioshock games on PC for absolutely nothing at all via the latest Epic … Read more

Halo Infinite Season Two Update Fixes Busted Battle Rifle

Screenshot: 343 Industries To follow Halo Infinite closely is to subject yourself to constant emotional whiplash. One day it’s on the top of the charts. The next, it feels like all of social media is calling it a “dead game.” Or maybe the developer adds a ton of cool stuff to the game… and then … Read more

FFXIV Endwalker’s AFK Timer Removed By Devs After 10 Months

Image: Square Enix With lengthy wait times a distant memory, the Final Fantasy XIV team is ready to return to normalcy by letting folks stay logged in foreverno matter how long they go without, you know, actually playing the massively multiplayer online game. In July 2021, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a system that kicked players … Read more

Cursed Mafia III Studio Hangar 13 Hit With New Round Of Layoffs

Image: Hangar 13 / 2K Hangar 13 can’t catch a break. The studio behind Mafia IIIwhich suffered multiple rounds of layoffs in the years that followed its 2016 launch, is once again on the chopping block. Kotaku has learned that in addition to a steady stream of departures, developers across the studio’s three global sites … Read more

The first hour of The Quarry re-captures that Until Dawn “playable horror movie magic”

Left: Until Dawn. Right: The Quarry (Both Images: Supermassive Games) It wouldn’t be wholly accurate to call the first few hours of The Quarry—The latest playable horror movie from Until Dawn creators Supermassive Games — a world without adults. Mr. H (David Arquette), the camp counselor running a summer camp clearly giving Camp Crystal Lake … Read more

Microsoft’s Code-Writing AI Points to the Future of Computers

Microsoft just showed how artificial intelligence could find its way into many software applications — by writing code on the fly. At the Microsoft Build developer conference today, the company’s chief technology officer, Kevin Scott, demonstrated an AI helper for the game Minecraft. The non-player character within the game is powered by the same machine … Read more

New Sims 4 Update Out Now, Lets Players Choose Custom Pronouns

Screenshot: EA / Maxis A new Sims 4 update released yesterday added new pronoun options to the latest entry in EA’s long-running life simulator. With this update, players will be able to set their Sims’ pronouns, including completely custom ones, without the use of mods across all platforms that The Sims 4 is available on. … Read more

Elden Ring Speedrunner Easily Beats Main Bosses With One Hit

Elden Ring is full of hard bosses, many of whom have no problem quickly showing you the nearest gravesite if you’re lost, and defeating them is often a matter of slowly whittling away at their lengthy health bars until you breathe a huge sigh of relief as the words “Enemy Felled” finally appear. One player, … Read more

‘Witcher School’ Forced To Shut Down Over Political Controversy

Image: CD Project Red Until recently, a “Witcher School” in Poland ran live-action role-playing (LARP) events for fans of the wildly popular fantasy series with the official blessing of The Witcher-series game publisher CD Project Red. But last Friday, its organizers, a company called 5 Żywiołów, announced that the “school” would be permanently closing, mentioning … Read more