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Fraser swings the corner towards Dykes, on the left-hand corner of the six-yard box. He rises miles above Malinovskyi and plants a header into the bottom right. The substitutes waste no time in combining to double Scotland’s lead!

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This has been coming, and it’s richly deserved! Adams tries to steer home Christie’s low left-wing cross. Blocked. The ball breaks to Tierney, who rolls down the inside-left channel towards McGinn, just inside the box. He holds off his man, turns, and sends a forensic strike into the bottom right! Hampden erupts!

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John McGinn celebrates after opening the scoring.”,”caption”:”Scotland’s John McGinn celebrates after opening the scoring.”,”credit score”:”Photograph: Steve 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All square at the break, though Ukraine should be down to ten men.

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Scotland: Gordon, Patterson, McTominay, Hendry, McKenna, Tierney, Armstrong, McGinn, McGregor, Christie, Adams.
Subs: Kelly, McCrorie, Taylor, Porteous, Dykes, Gilmour, Ralston, Fraser, Jack, Hickey, McLean.


Ukraine: Trubin, Karavaev, Matviyenko, Bondar, Mykhaylichenko, Stepanenko, Yarmolenko, Pikhalonok, Malinovskyi, Mudryk, Dovbyk.
Subs: Lunin, Riznyk, Kryvtsov, Sydorchuk, Yaremchuk, Kacharaba, Ihnatenko, Tsygankov, Mykolenko, Tymchyk, Zubkov.


Referee: Maurizio Mariani (Italy).

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The last time these two countries met, three months and three weeks ago, this happened …

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… after which Scotland embarked on their Nations League Group B1 campaign, home and away wins over Armenia sandwiching a 3-0 humping by the Republic of Ireland in Dublin. Steve Clarke’s team really need a payback victory over Ukraine tonight, if they’re to retain hope of winning the group, with the visit of Ireland and a trip to face the Ukrainians on neutral soil to come during this international break. Kick off at Hampden is 7.45pm BST. It’s on!

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Key occasions

85 minutes: Christie and Tierney are changed by McLean and Taylor.

84 min: Pikhalonok and Mudryk – so quiet after briefly shining throughout the opening exchanges – are changed by Ihnatenko and Zubkov.

82 min: Ukraine tried to reply however there’s nothing within the tank. Sydorchuk is booked for dragging again Dykes, spinning close to the middle circle.

GOAL! Scotland 2-0 Ukraine (Dykes 80)

Fraser swings the nook in direction of Dykes, on the left-hand nook of the six-yard field. He rises miles above Malinovskyi and crops a header into the underside proper. The substitutes waste no time in combining to double Scotland’s lead!

79 min: Christie’s presence out on the left forces Karavaev into the concession of one other nook. And from that…

78 min: Ukraine as soon as once more did not clear their traces correctly, permitting Tierney to line up a shot from the sting of the D. He sends a bumper in direction of the underside left. It’s not the most effective strike, however the unsighted Trubin can solely react late, and turns round for a nook. Nothing comes of that, however Scotland are nicely on high right here. Can they see it out? Can they add a second? Anything is feasible.

77 min: Armstrong and Adams make manner for Fraser and Dykes. Both departing gamers will surprise how on earth they don’t seem to be on the scoresheet. They’ve had their possibilities, got here very shut, and performed extraordinarily nicely.

76 min: Ukraine cannot take care of the Scottish press in any respect. They’re struggling to get out of their ultimate third. Adams cannot fairly get a shot away when simply contained in the field on the left; then McGinn takes a speculative shot from distance that is deflected out for a nook on the left. The set piece is performed again up the wing for Armstrong, who crosses lengthy for McKenna. The defender heads harmlessly over from six yards.

74 min: Bondar remains to be getting pelters. Of course he’s. Marvelous enjoyable, and we’re nonetheless three months away from pantomime season.

72 min: During the celebrations, Yaremchuk is booked for suggesting McGinn fouled Bondar as he turned to attain. Some irony there, given Bondar ought to have been red-carded simply earlier than the break.

GOAL! Scotland 1-0 Ukraine (McGinn 70)

This has been coming, and it is hard-earned! Adams tries to steer house Christie’s low left-wing cross. Blocked. The ball breaks to Tierney, who rolls down the inside-left channel in direction of McGinn, simply contained in the field. He holds off his man, turns, and sends a forensic strike into the underside proper! Hampden erupts!

Happiness abounds. Photograph: Steve Welsh/PA
Scotland's John McGinn celebrates after opening the scoring.
Scotland’s John McGinn celebrates after opening the scoring. Photograph: Steve Welsh/PA

68 min: Adams bustles down the inside-left channel, exchanging passes with McGinn earlier than pulling again from the byline for Armstrong … and what number of possibilities does Armstrong want? He meets the ball six yards out, however sends a woeful header vast proper of the goal when he actually ought to have scored. Armstrong has been wonderful on the entire, however that is 4 superb possibilities to attain now. A wierd private efficiency.

67 min: Ukraine make a double change. Artem Dovbyk and captain Andriy Yarmolenko make manner for Roman Yaremchuk and Viktor Tsygankov.

66 min: Despite all the joy, the house followers aren’t forgetting to boo Bondar every time the body-slammin’ defender touches the ball. Admirable grudge-holding.

65 minutes: Ukraine responded by way of Mykhaylichenko, who drives in direction of the Scotland field down the inside-left channel … solely to be relieved of possession by the superb Hickey. The hosts clear their traces.

63 min: From the nook, Adams practically scores on two separate events, each from McGinn’s right-wing loopers. First up, Adams heads towards the highest left. With Trubin overwhelmed all finally ends up, the ball twangs off the underside of the bar and away. Then, as Scotland recycles possession, he heads the second cross down. Trubin hacks away along with his toes. So shut, and Hampden is effervescent now!

Scotland's Che Adams reacts after his header comes off the bar.
Scotland’s Che Adams reacts after his header comes off the bar. Photograph: Russell Cheyne/Reuters
Scotland's Che Adams heads at goal.
Scotland’s Che Adams heads at aim for a second time … Photograph: Steve Welsh/PA
Scotland's Che Adams heads at goal but it's saved by Ukraine keeper Anatolii Trubin.
But it seems to be like he is denied by the outstretched leg of Ukraine’s keeper Anatolii Trubin. Photograph: Steve Welsh/PA

62 min: Hickey slips a wonderful ball down the appropriate flank for Armstrong, who enters the field and will shoot – probably ought to shoot – however maybe nonetheless serious about that miss a few minutes in the past, cuts again … to no person specifically. But the ball pinballs again in direction of Hickey, who drives in direction of the underside proper. The shot is deflected inches vast of the aim. Corner.

60 minutes: McGinn takes down a excessive ball to the left of the Ukrainian D. He spins and shoots. It’s blocked. Scotland come once more, Armstrong chopping in from the appropriate and one-two with McTominay, whose beautiful backflick sends his teammate into area within the field. Armstrong leans again and converts for some rugby factors. What a miss. In a parallel universe someplace, Armstrong has bagged the match ball already.

58 min: Scotland press and Ukraine ship possession. Tierney strides into the field from the left and cuts again for Armstrong, who slaps his shot straight at Trubin. The Saints midfielder has had his possibilities this night.

56 min: McGinn performs a cute cross across the nook to ship Tierney off down the left. His harmful cross is cleared with Adams lurking, and Ukraine breaks. Yarmolenko slips a cross down the middle for Dovbyk, who for a second seems to be like tearing clear, solely to be denied by an excellent last-ditch slide by Hendry. The flag ultimately goes up for offside, however take nothing away from that brilliantly timed deal with.

Scotland's Jack Hendry tackles Ukraine's Artem Dovbyk.
Scotland’s Jack Hendry tackles Ukraine’s Artem Dovbyk. Photograph: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters

54 min: Scotland press Ukraine again once more … and as soon as extra fail to choose any kind of ultimate cross that might hassle their opponents. They’ve been first rate up till the ultimate third. A reasonably large caveat, however there we’re.

52 min: Gordon races out of his space to blooter clear underneath strain from Yarmolenko, who’s tearing down the center. Mudryk, out on the Ukraine left, tries to return it goalwards from a distance. The web is unguarded, however the ball bounces harmlessly miles vast proper. Hearts in Scottish mouths for a break up second there.

51 min: Tierney flings in a protracted throw from the left. Armstrong tries to win a header within the field however occasions his leap all unsuitable and it is a straightforward declare for Trubin.

50 minutes: All a bit cagey for now.

48 min: A pleasant contact and switch from Hickey, put underneath strain by Gordon’s cross, will get Scotland out of hassle. He’s seemed sharp since approaching for Patterson, having additionally crucially diverted the ball away from the in-flight Mudryk in direction of the tip of the primary half.

46 min: Ukraine stroke it across the again. Plenty of pantomime pelters for Valery Bondar each time he touches the ball. Expect that to be the soundtrack of the second half. The Tartan Army are fuming.

Ukraine will get the second half underway. They’ve changed Taras Stepanenko with Serhiy Sydorchuk.

Half-time commercial. Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now!

HALF TIME: Scotland 0-0 Ukraine

All sq. on the break, though Ukraine ought to be down to 10 males.

45 min +2: After a few minutes, Adams is again up and working. Nothing comes of the ensuing free kick. Scotland are fuming, with Steve Clarke giving the fourth official the good thing about his recommendation.

45 minutes: Adams steals the ball off Matviyenko in the midst of the park and knocks it previous Bondar. As he begins chasing after it at full pelt, he is crudely bodychecked, arm and shoulder underneath chin, at enormous pressure by Bondar. It’s only a yellow, which is ridiculous, even when the defender wasn’t the final man. That was unbelievably cynical, and overly aggressive besides. It ought to have been a purple.

Ukraine's Valery Bondar fouls Scotland's Che Adams and was subsequently shown a yellow card.
Oooof. That’s gotta damage. Photograph: Lee Smith/Action Images/Reuters

44 min: Armstrong, Adams and Christie get in one another’s manner on the sting of the Ukrainian field. The guests need not defend the state of affairs, because the hosts, bunched too shut collectively, successfully nix themselves.

43 min: McTominay, simply to the appropriate of the D, slides a diagonal cross into the trail of Christie, getting into the field down the inside-left channel. Christie lets the ball roll underneath his toes, and one other good Scotland transfer breaks down within the ultimate third.

41 min: Scotland pin Ukraine again with out ever trying like critically threatening the aim. Some good possession, however when Adams has half an opportunity to spin and shoot, he fails to regulate and the prospect goes begging.

39 min: Mudryk hits a low shot-cum-cross from a decent spot on the left. Gordon makes use of each fists to bash clearly within the no-nonsense type. That is likely to be Ukraine’s first shot on course, or nearly on course on the very least.

38 min: McTominay intercepts and slips infield to McGinn, simply to the appropriate of the Ukrainian D. He makes an attempt a Le Tissieresque flick, swivel and volley, however the erstwhile Southampton synthetic that kind of factor look a lot simpler than it’s. Goal kick.

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