Random: People Are Sharing Their “Useless” Video Game Knowledge On Twitter – Here Are The Best Ones

There is nothing on this planet extra highly effective than a online game secret on a college playground. For a complete day — possibly even per week — you may turn into the king of recess, simply by wielding the Mew Under Truck rumor, or the key Triforce hidden in Ocarina of Time. Hey, who stated the secrets and techniques should be actual?

Recently, Twitter has been packed with secrets and techniques able to take to the playground, after podcast hosts Aaron and Tommy requested everybody what their greatest “ineffective” piece of online game data was:

And boy, did the web ship. The tweet now has over 84 million views, with hundreds of replies to the query that vary from the properly-recognized secrets and techniques to the stuff that even we did not know. Here are our favorites:

Teeny tiny hobbitses

The Super Mario Bros. 3 field was a lie

You can reduce down lengthy grass in Pokémon

Sakurai by no means shuts up about his cat

Ocarina’s dungeon focusing on

Charles Martinet’s film profession

What are your greatest ineffective online game data? Tell us within the feedback!


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