New full match footage for Manon, Marisa, JP and Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6 shows off much more of what the new characters can do


Despite the full launch roster for Street Fighter 6 being recognized for months now, there’s nonetheless fairly a bit about the latest characters that remained a thriller.

The grand finals occasion for the Street Fighter League Pro-JP went down earlier at this time, and Capcom placed on a particular showcase revealing the first full competent match footage for Manon, Marisa, JP and Dee Jay in addition to Blanka and Dhalsim.

Although the finals aren’t but accessible on YouTube, AlphaDog managed to seize the SF6 exhibitions and shared them on-line.

We do not know who’s on the controls for these matches, however they’re much higher at exhibiting off the new characters’ instruments and combos in comparison with the earlier showcase and reveal lots more of how they work.

For the matches, there’s Dee Jay vs. Dhalsim, Manon vs. Marisa and JP vs. Blanka, so we get to see a pleasant unfold of the latest revealed characters for SF6 besides for E. Honda.

Starting with Manon vs. Marisa, the newcomers present off how efficient their lengthy limbs are, particularly the dancer’s kicks, and each look fairly darn scary with their Drive Rush approaches.

As famous earlier than, Manon has a novel mechanic that beneficial properties her ranges for touchdown throws, which seems to energy her command grabs up and presumably permits her to combo into them at greater ranges.

Marisa’s large swings give her a ton of nook carry, and it appears like she can proceed urgent buttons after her diving assault. Plus, we get to see the non-Critical Art model of her degree 3 Super Art.

JP fights with 1 hand usually stored behind his again much like Oro, however he makes up for that with the prolonged attain supplied up by his cane and a large number of long-range specials that appear to come back out fairly quick.

It appears like JP saves his left arm for utilizing his Psycho Power talents, and we get a short shot of his degree 2 Super that summons a number of spirits to assault the enemy.

Blanka’s EX roll seems to be fully projectile invincible, and can combo into EX up ball on Punish Counter hits for further harm.

His degree 2 Super is much like the V-Trigger 2 from Street Fighter 5 that permit’s him carry out more aerial rolls in succession, and the startup on the Blanka-chan lure appears lengthy to the level that’ll it will be troublesome to make use of outdoors of touchdown a knockdown.

Dee Jay has every part from his previous kits besides powered as much as flip him right into a much more slippery character with more combo alternatives than ever earlier than.

The pop star can now pretend his fireballs, and the footage shows the Overdrive model may be very quick contemplating he dashes up into Dhalsim’s face and throws him from his new sway stance.

Dhalsim’s mobility by means of teleports and floating could also be even higher than SF5, however his lengthy limbs can nonetheless be punished very much.

We’ll have more in-depth breakdowns of what we’re seeing in these new matches, so keep tuned for more Street Fighter 6 protection on EventHubs.


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