Dark Souls RPG dev on D&D licensing controversy: “the revolt has already begun”

If the D&D licensing controversy was a recreation session, it might be the form of garbage-truck-on-fire catastrophe that turns into legendary amongst your group. But the fact is not one thing you possibly can snigger about over a beer. For third-party creators like Richard August, lead RPG author at Steamforged Games (maybe finest recognized for its tabletop diversifications of Dark Souls and Elden Ring), it is an own-goal that’s “badly misjudged on each conceivable degree”. In truth, it might have created D&D’s subsequent massive rival.

The unique D&D Open Game License – or ‘OGL’ – has been kicking round since 2000, permitting different creators to make use of mechanics from one of many finest tabletop RPGs in their very own merchandise. The end result was a thriving group that tackled new ideas or expanded on concepts D&D writer Wizards of the Coast had launched.

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